Augmented Reality Tracks the Moon's Path on Android

Moon Path by Sylde.net
The phases of the moon are a common feature on calendars, tide charts and weather reports in print and digital form.  Or, just look at the night sky and get a real-time look at the moon's phase (assuming it's a clear night). But what if you want to know when the next waxing cresent moon will occur or the waning gibbous moon's position in two months? And, what if you need to know where and when the moon will be relative to a building or landscape because you want to take that special picture? Well, as they say, "There's an app for that!"

Moon Path.sylde.net is the new free Android app that uses augmented reality to literally bring the moon to your phone and save it. According to their website, Moon Path.sylde.net enables you to:
  • Look through your phone and see the path of the moon.
  • Display the future trajectories of the moon
  • Find out if the moon will be full or what phase it will be in.
  • Plan the moonrise and moonset times, not only on the horizon, but also on a building or a relief.
  • Travel in time and see what path the moon will follow in the months to come.
  • Take and save photos.
  • Check afterwards the different trajectories of the moon for a whole year.
Picture taking with Moon Path by Sylde.netSee and discover more about this cool app from their website or download it from the Android Market. There's also a free Sun Path.sylde.net app.  Alas, iPhone/iPad users are out of luck, there are at present no AR apps that offer Moon/Sun Path.sylde.net's functionality.

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  1. SunPath.sylde.net is now also available on Windows Phone!


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